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Joseph Nicholas Construction: Expanding Workspaces, Expanding Lives

At Joseph Nicholas Construction, we take a unique approach to every project. So when Aronson Advertising came to us looking for solutions to their Digital Department’s need for a larger workspace, we were excited to take on the challenge. While their list of needs wasn’t long, it was very important to the growing Digital Team that they have a space where they could freely collaborate with each other while still remaining productive in their own personal space.

Challenges of this Commercial Construction Project

The department was growing so fast that they were quickly in need of a larger space to accommodate all of the new faces.

The Needs of the Client

  • It was very important to the team that cubicles not confine them.
  • A space large enough to accommodate their current team with room for future.
  • Offices where managers could have some privacy.
  • A small conference room to use for scheduled, and impromptu, meetings.

The Solution

To create an open-office, collaborative environment, essentially from scratch that would allow the Digital Team to work closely with each other while simultaneously providing them with enough personal space to be comfortable.

The Project

The first step was to create an entrance to the new space by knocking down a portion of the wall connecting the agency to the building next door. Once we finished the entryway, we prepared for the next part: turning all the walls into dry-erase boards using whiteboard paint. After the paint dried, we laid down the new carpeting and built out 12 rows of brand new desks that also have dry-erase surfaces for the team to scribble ideas on. We then installed floating arms on the desks for dual computer monitors and special harnesses located underneath to help keep wires and cords organized. The last step was to mount three high-definition televisions on the walls.

The Result

The result is a large, open space in which the Digital Team at Aronson Advertising in Schaumburg, IL can freely share ideas with one another. The walls are filled with everything from SEO data to drawings, and the giant windows that make up the east wall let in plenty of natural light for everyone to enjoy. The Digital Team has been able to increase productivity, using the television monitors for meetings and presentations.

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